Quarterly and Monthly Seminars

Monthly Seminar: The Road to EFT Certification

Join us on Friday, April 23 for our first online community meeting of 2021, when we will discuss becoming a certified EFT therapist. Ruth Jampol, Ph.D., Certified EFT Supervisor and Therapist, and Ali Wilburn, LCSW, Certified EFT Therapist, will share their knowledge and personal experience about the process. We will address the requirements for certification as well as the benefits of and potential barriers to pursuing the credential. Come with your questions and concerns and/or your suggestions for how PCEFT can support you in this process.

Friday, April 23
12-2pm (EST) on Zoom

$15-$25 Donation

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Last spring and summer,  amidst the fear and uncertainty of the pandemic as well as the national reckoning with racial injustice, the PCEFT Board sponsored a number of online gatherings to collectively process all that was happening around us.  As we approach the one year mark of the shut down, the PCEFT Board is eager to connect with all of you again. 

We are offering a monthly series aimed at creating community, offering support, and learning together. We are calling it Lunch & Learn/Lunch & Lean, which consists of  gatherings that will provide either a learning opportunity related to the practice of EFT or one focused on reflection and self-care.  

Back in Spring 2020, these online gatherings, generously facilitated by PCEFT board members, were open to all members as well our most recent Core Skills participants, with no affiliated cost. 

We hope to make this series accessible to all who are interested, and, at the same time, ask those who are able to consider a $15-25 donation per gathering.  This ask reflects some significant changes to our organization, changes that were accelerated by the pandemic and George Floyd’s murder. The changes also came about as a result of our heightened awareness of PCEFT’s obligation to address systemic oppression in our own community and ways EFT must be adapted and practiced to incorporate the values of social justice and equity. 

Some of the changes we have made within PCEFT include:

  • Incorporating an Equity Rate for all programs, for those who identify as being part of underrepresented and/or marginalized groups, in order to increase accessibility to EFT training.
  • Keeping our membership fee at the same rate rather than increasing it this year, in order to reduce financial burden on our members.
  • Selecting new board members who add diversity, not just in terms of ethnic or racial background, but also  perspectives, skills, experience and worldview.
  • Initiating a Diversity and Outreach Committee, which is working both independently and in parallel with the board at large to keep equity and racial justice at the forefront through our policies, practices and programs.  In a few short months, the Committee planned and executed a well-attended and powerful Quarterly Seminar, EFT with African American Couples, which included a panel of several board members along with an invited guest/expert.  

The Details:
When:  Every 4th Friday (not sure this is what was decided?) from 12-1pm EST via Zoom
Who: Open to Members and Non-Members
What: Topics will vary month to month, with every other month focused on a skill or EFT learning opportunity, and the other months incorporating self-care and reflection. 
Cost:  A $15-$25 donation, in order to support our many new initiatives and commitment to increase accessibility to underrepresented groups.