Training in EFT

Where do I start?

The Externship

This introductory four-day training gives clinicians a foundation in EFT theory and practice, providing an overview of all aspects of the model, including adult attachment theory, steps and stages of therapy, and interventions.  A variety of teaching methods are used including lectures, interactive discussions, role plays, video demonstrations and live case consultations. Participants learn to see couple distress from an attachment perspective, help partners reprocess the emotional responses that maintain distress, shape new interactions and bonding events, and overcome therapeutic impasses.  All this while earning 28 CEU’s!

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Core Skills Training

Open to clinicians who have completed the Externship, Core Skills is a series of four two-day training offered over the course of a year.  Each weekend provides an in-depth focus on different steps of the EFT model.  A limited number of participants leaves ample time for individualized attention and interactive experiences.  In addition to didactic presentations, live consultations, video demonstrations and role plays, participants who are pursuing certification will each present a video or audio tape of a case during the course of the series. Completion of this advanced training is required for Certification in EFT, but the course is also open to those who simply want to deepen their understanding of EFT.  Participants will earn 12 CEU’s per weekend, and 48 CEU’s for the series. CLICK HERE for more information. 

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Individual and group supervision is offered for all clinicians who have completed the Externship. Participants present video or audio clips of their sessions and receive in-depth supervision of cases from an EFT perspective.

Participants hone their skills by learning how to use the model to conceptualize their cases, intervene effectively, and resolve therapeutic impasses. 

Individual supervision with Ting Liu, Ph.D., Certified EFT Trainer, is offered by appointment

Individual supervision is also offered by:

Special Topics

Additional workshops and training are offered throughout the year on specific topics, demonstrating how EFT can be used to address issues in couple and family therapy such as infidelity and trauma. These workshops are open to anyone interested in the topic or in learning more about EFT and are suitable for all levels of knowledge and experience.

Quarterly EFT Clinical Seminars

These 2-hour seminars offered on a quarterly basis help to deepen your knowledge and understanding of EFT. Join us as we review videotapes of EFT sessions, discuss cases and role play interventions. Led by Certified EFT Therapists and/or Supervisors, these consultations are free of charge to members of PCEFT.